April Birthdays

Well I’m a day late in getting the birthday list published. It’s been a busy weekend. My oldest celebrated her 4th birthday on Sunday. I planned and delivered a delightful fairy party with fairy games, fairy crafts, and a fairy cake. It was very girly and very fun (for young and old alike). Grace turns 4 on the 4th of this month and she’s on the following list of my direct line of ancestors and descendants:

  • Mary Ormsby: 4 April 1677
  • Grace Anwen Fisher Langille: 4 April 2003
  • Sarah Wells: 6 April 1694
  • Mercy Winchell: 14 April 1710
  • Bethelda Hannah Gavel: 14 April 1867
  • Barnet Manzer Dykeman: 18 April 1807
  • John Blott: 19 April 1551
  • Mary Dodge: 19 April 1632

Mary Ormsby(born 326 years earlier) shares my daughter’s birthday. Her mother, fittingly, was named Grace. I have little information on Mary. I know that her husband, Israel Sabin, died shortly after she did, for it is recorded that their children were “scattered at an early age”.

I suspect that Mary died in childbirth. A baby girl, named Martha Sabin, was born on the 30th of November 1715 to Mary and Israel. The baby died the same day. Mary died sometime in 1715 which leaves only the month of December. The odds are that she died from complications due to childbirth. When this occured mother and tiny infant were often buried together. Somewhere, most likely Swansea MA, I imagine a mother, faded from time, still cuddling her newborn in eternal love.

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