June Birthdays and popular names…

Welcome to June, and the transition from Spring to Summer. As predicted I have a birthday list for you. Interesting to note that there was only one direct ancestors born in June after 1692 and it’s the second smallest birthday list of the year. Even in my family today, I have only one cousin born in June. Regardless of all that, here’s the list:

  •  Sarah Upham: 4 June 1610
  • Sarah Allen: 6 June 1692
  • Israel Sabin: 8 June 1673
  • Joseph Galpin: 17 June 1652
  • John A. Mullen: 18 June 1782
  • John Batchelder: 23 June 1650
  • Mary Endicott: 23 June 1668

Usually at this point I write a little ditty about one of the above names. There are 2 Sarah’s in this list and it occured to me that I could write about a 3rd Sarah in a row. Perhaps, though, I might appear a tad ego-centric, so I’ve come up with a different plan. Why so many Sarah’s in the family tree? Is it the most popular girls name in the family? What are the most popular names? Well I’m here to tell you… (keep in mind this list contains only the names of direct grandmothers… and it is followed the amount that carried that name). So the #1 name is:

  1. Mary/Marie/Maria (33)
  2. Elizabeth (25)
  3. Sarah (13)
  4. Margaret/Margarita (12)
  5. Agnes/Agnetta (8) & Ann/Anna/Annie (8)
  6. Alice (7)
  7. Martha (6)
  8. Katherine/Catherine/Catryntje (5) & Joan/Joane (5)
  9. Dorcas & Eleanor & Judith & Rachel (4)
  10. Aeltje & Bethia/Bethiah & Edith/Editha & Isabella & Jane/Jaine & Lydia & Phoebe & Rebecca & Ruth & Susanna (3)

Certainly some interesting names! Perhaps some of my kid-free cousins could consider some of these ancestral names when the time comes?!… And in case you think you’ll be having  boys, I’ll post that list asap!

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