July birthdays and the boys names list

It’s Canada’s birthday! It’s also time to remember the July birthdays of the following grandparents:

  • Elizabeth Hathorne: 5 July 1649
  • Sarah Taylor: 6 July 1679
  • Martha Curry Sherwood: 12 July 1765
  • Annie Elizabeth Barr: 18 July 1887
  • Lydia L. Mosher: 19 July 1827
  • Samuel Doty: 25 July 1759
  • Phoebe Sophia Smith: 25 July 1856
  • Richard Ormsby: 28 July 1602
  • Bethia Maxon: 31 July 1693

Surprisingly only two men on the July list… both with popular family names. Samuel is #8 on the list & Richard hits the bronze spot with #3. Here’s the rest of the list:

I should mention that these lists include only ancestors from my Gramma’s side. This does not include the Fisher side (because what I have, presently, is so limited). The most popular boys name on the Fisher side, as far as I can tell, is John (John Marshall, in fact)… and the same goes for the following list:

  1. John (57)
  2. Thomas (32)
  3. Richard (25)
  4. William (24)
  5. Robert (15)
  6. Henry & James (13)
  7. Joseph (10)
  8. Johannes & Samuel (8)
  9. Jan (6)
  10. Cornelius, Isaac, Jonathan & Nicholas (5)
  11. David, Edward, Michael/Michiel, Peter (4)
  12. Nathaniel (3)

Nothing too surprising there. Some people may be surprised to see the high amount of Dutch names. We have a pretty extensive Dutch side and they didn’t get too creative with their names. I personally love alot of those names (is that genetically ingrained in me?). Had our Bridget been a boy, she would have been Samuel… and Kevin has lately said if we were ever to have a boy now, he’d fight for the name Isaac. (Although, please note that we plan on having NO more children!).

With summer in full swing, my busiest time at work begins! So, in the next little while I will be reposting some of my old entries from my old blog site, before it went south. To some it will be a repeat (hopefully worth re-reading), to others it’s a chance to see what you missed. For me it will be a chance to look like I’m doing something without feeling guilty for doing nothing. Such is life.

So let’s hear it agian, “Happy weekend Canada!”… I’m still proud to be a Loyalist!

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