Years ago, before I had ever really dappled with genealogy, I came across a little poem.  It captured my attention, mostly because of one little line… something about being born 4 days apart. My Gramma was born on January 17th. I was born on the 21st. I liked the sound of the poem and the connection, so I wrote it down in my book of favourite quotes and poems.

The little book is filled with great words from Victor Hugo, Phil Ochs, Tennyson, Ghandi, Christine de Pisan, the Psalms… a wonderful assortment of inspirational words all sorted out and dazzling with meaning.  Yesterday I pulled out the book again… for some inspiration. Amongst the heavyweights of the poetic world I rediscovered this little poem. I read it in a whole new light… as a genealogist. It seems I was meant to wait this long for it’s true meaning to shine through. Today, it makes more sense than ever to share it with you…


Searching your family tree,

The facts puzzled

in layered pieces.

Relative association;

Our surnames shared,

we were born

four days/one lifetime



of her leaf and branch

draws me

to the forest clearing.

Affinity guided;

Each step a brush with life.



Close enough,

Long enough,

to see my own reflection

in your grandmother’s eyes.

Jill Meriel Fox             



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