Takes all my nice kisses…

This was originally published on my old blog on the 4th of October 2006…

On the 13th of January 1928, my Great Uncle Keith was born. Four days after that my Gramma, Ewilda Elizabeth Beyea, celebrated her 6th birthday. For almost 6 years (apart from the 5+ months when little baby Warren Clayton Eldon graced their lives) Gramma had been the youngest child of six, just two years younger than big sister Ruth. So when Keith entered the picture my Gramma, often called Ibby when she was young, was none too thrilled. In jest, her Grandfather, James Henry Beyea, wrote a little poem to reflect Ibby’s feelings:

Mother’s got a baby,

little bit of a thing.

Think I could almost put him

thru me rubber ring.

Ain’t he awful little,

ain’t he awful pink,

Just come down from Heaven

that’s a fib, I think.

Doctor told another

great big awful lie,

My nose ain’t out of joint

that ain’t why I cry.

Send me off with Ruthie

every single day,

“Be a good girl Ibby

run away and play”.

Takes all my nice kisses

takes my place in bed,

I think I’ll take the poker stick

and hit him over the head.


My Gramma recited this poem to me on what would be my last summer visit with her, in August 2004. My 16 month old daughter, Grace, (Gramma’s first great granddaughter) was also there. I wondered if this was how Grace might feel about a sibling.

Later that month I became pregnant with my second child.

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