November Birthdays

The November birthday list:

  • Thomas Clark: 1 November 1570
  • Richard Curry: 4 November 1709
  • Eunice Ann Hatfield: 9 November 1739
  • Rachel Elizabeth Bullis: 19 November 1664
  • James Henry Beyea: 19 November 1852
  • Joanna Davis: 21 November 1740
  • Richard Martin: 22 November 1609
  • Elizabeth Bull: 26 November 1777

Joanna Davis was  born probably in the area of Monmouth, New Jersey. She married James (Isaiah) Smith in approximately 1762 and had thirteen years of marriage before the Revolutionary War began.

Joanna’s father, James Davis, owned a shipyard in Shrewsbury, NJ, before the war began. It was burned during the revolution and following that event James publically proclaimed his Colonist support (leading one to believe that the burning of his shipyard had something to do with the British).

Joanna, however, had married a supporter of the British in James Isaiah Smith. How difficult it must have been to be caught between a father and a husband with opposing political views in such turbulent times.

In September 1778 Joanna’s father rode out to watch the Battle of Monmouth, one of the quintessential Revolutionary battles. He was shot by a stray bullet and killed.

Joanna must have been heartbroken, but she chose to be a Loyalist and travelled to Saint John, New Brunswick with the Spring Fleet in 1783. Her husband died 12 years later and she remained a widow until she died, on the 18th of May 1822, at age 81.  Joanna and James Isaiah are buried in a beautiful corner of New Brunswick. They are flanked by a river and a mountain and although their stones have disappeared, a lovely memorial stone is erected in their honour. I have seen the stone and know there is peace where they rest.

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  1. I’m sorry I don’t stop by this site more often. I really enjoy reading the stories about your/possibly our family! You’re a great writer too, its like reading mini short stories 🙂

  2. Its December….update…..update….update….always enjoy reading the blog. Keep up the great work!

  3. I am thrilled to happen upon “The Genealogist” and really enjoyed reading the narratives. I am a decendant of Isaiah Smith and Joanna Davis, through their daughter Joanna Smith (1757-1842), who married Hendrick “Henry” Ruland in 1781 in New York. My father was born on the Land Grant Farm in Norton (Bloomfield), N.B.

    I had never been able to find the parentage of Isaiah Smith or of Joanna Davis and would love to have your source for the James Davis of Shrewsbury, N.J. connection. I had Joanna as born Nov 21, 1737 in Coram, Brookhaven, L.I. And James Isaiah Smith as born March 7, 1734 in Coram, Brookhaven, L.I. too. Married 1756 in New York. I have that they sailed from Long Island to N.B. on the ship “Alexander” in 1783.
    Thanks so much for your posting.
    Ellen Ruland

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