April Wedding Showers

Well there’s no shortages of weddings this month. It seems the ancestors loved the month of April for their nuptuals! Here’s the list:

  • Mary Lyon & Jacob Hatfield were married on April 1st, 1753 in Essex Co., NJ.
  • Elizabeth Bull & James Smith were married on April 1st, 1793, in Kings Co., NB.
  • Susanna Hanners & David Grant were married on April 6th, 1748, in Kings Chappel, Boston, MA.
  • Gertrude Schultz & Hinrich Bosch were married on April 11th, 1596, in Holland.
  • Elizabeth Green & Thomas Abbot were married on April 18th, abt.1662, in Kittery, ME.
  • Mary Dodge & Zacharie Herrick were married on April 19th, 1653, in Beverly, MA.
  • Agnetta Budder & Richard Wright were married on April 28th, 1572, in Enfield, Middlesex, UK.
  • Alice ? & Hugh Laskin were married on April 30th, 1630, in the UK (probably Dorset).

With so many couples to choose from, it was a challenge to choose just one as this months focus. However, I’ve decided that David Grant and Susanna Hanners, regardless of minimal information, is worth investigating . Actually all I have that indicates their exsistence is the Nova Scotia census records of 1769.

David Grant, one man, one boy, one woman, all protestants, one a Scot and 2 Americans, 2 cows, and a calf, one pig” [Bk1/37, Annapolis County, 12 Nov 1752-21 Jan 1769].

It is not certain which person in the family is an original Scot. My guess, based on the structure of the sentence, is that the Scot is David Grant. If Susanna Hanners was, indeed, the Scot, I believe the sentence would change to “2 Americans and one Scot“, indicating the male dominated society of the times. It also just makes sence that the “one Scot” indicates the first person mentioned (“one man”), and the 2 Americans are the following two people (“one boy” and “one woman”).

More clarifying is the fact that Grant is a common Scottish surname, whereas Hanners is more English (although the name concentration seems to be in Northern England, just across the Scottish border).

Clan history of the Grant name shows a family that strongly supported the Scottish royal family and that settled in the Highlands, mostly around Loch Ness. For a more complete history of the Grant family check out this site: http://www.clangrant.org/history.php

I have not been able to locate the names of David or Susanna’s parents. The marriage records from the 1898 Record Commissioners Report, 150, lists the April 6th, 1748, wedding date of David and Susanna and lets us know that they were married in the Anglican Kings Chappel of Boston MA. Three other Grant marriages are listed. Christopher Grant married Mercy Stratton in 1739 and Sarah Grant married John Dwight in 1746. That would make three Grant marriages in 9 years. It could be that David, Christopher, and Sarah were siblings and were married in their family church. With this hypothesis I could be one step closer to finding “their” parents!

The history of the Kings Chappel Church (http://www.kings-chapel.org/history.html) indicates that the small wooden structure, dedicated in 1689, was in bad need of renovation by the mid 1700’s. In 1749 construction began on a new stone building in the same location. David and Susanna were married in 1748, the last year standing for the old wooden church.

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