Love in May

Well , I feel like a completley delinquent blogger here. I am so very late in my May posting and I have a thousand and one excuses for you all, but I’ll spare you the list so I can spend the time getting this done! There is something to be said for love in the springtime because historically it’s a hopping time for weddings! Here’s this month’s (or what’s left of this month’s) list:

  • Thomas Hatfield & Anna Hampton Cox – 1 May 1621
  • Richard Hurlburt & Ann Bower – 3 May 1606
  • Johannes (Jan) ter Bosch & Rachel Vermilye- 4 May 1663
  • Sir William Herrick & Joan May – 6 May 1596
  • John (Cook) Carewe & Alice Carter – 8 May 1540
  • Hendrick Aertson van Amburgh & Aeltje Claes – 11 May 1664
  • Thomas Clarke & Rose Kerrich – 13 May 1599
  • Israel Sabin & Mary Ormsby – 20 May 1696
  • Robert Taylor & Joan Call – 24 May 1563
  • Thomas Ensign & Constance Pilcher – 27 May 1594
  • (Robert) Henry Barr & Bethelda Hannah Gavel- 28 May 1884

Israel Sabin & Mary Ormsby were 22 & 19 when they got married. Their first child, Sarah, was born 10 months later, followed by: Elizabeth, Samuel, Israel Jr., Jeremiah, Josiah, Margaret, William, Eleazer (died young), Mary, Eleazer, Martha.

Martha, the youngest, was born on the 30th of November 1715 and died the same day. Eighteen days later, on the 18th of December, Mary died, leaving behind possibly ten children. She would have been 38 years old. She shares a birthday with my oldest daughter Grace: April 4th, (1677 vs 2003), which I discussed in the April ’07 archives.

According to the book, Descendants of Jeremiah Sabean of Nova Scotia”, Israel moved around MA a lot during his life.  In the last record found with Israel Sabin’s name attached, it claims that Israel “was of Barrington 26 Mar 1718 when he sold his right of commonage in Rehoboth”. I am assuming this is Barrington Rhode Island as it is the closest Barrington to Rehoboth (there is also a Barrington NH and a Great Barrington MA). It seems that Israel died only a few short years after Mary for there is no mention of his exsistance after March 1718 and it is said that his children were “scattered at an early age”.

Mary & Israel had only 19 years of marriage together and Mary was pregnant for most of that time. It is heart-wrenching to think of as many as 10 children suddenly without parents and split up to be scattered amongst distant relatives and local sympathetic families.

Their son Jeremiah, my ancestor, was 12 when his mother died and likely only a young teen when he was orphaned. He, himself, died when he was in his early 30’s. His son, another Jeremiah, brought our family to Nova Scotia in 1762.


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