A special June Anniversary…

I would like to share with you a special gift… but first of all, the anniversary list:

  • Isabella Swift & John Boithes – 3 June 1548
  • Abigail Aikin & Murray Lester – 3 June 1743
  • Mary Grant & John A. Mullen – 6 June 1805
  • Elizabeth Salter & Richard Martin – 9 June 1631
  • Madeleine de Tourneur & Jan Dyckman – 15 June 1673
  • Ewilda Elizabeth Beyea & Bruce Marshall Fisher – 19 June 1945
  • Mercy Campe & Josiah Baldwin – 25 June 1667
  • Grace Turner & John Field – 27 June 1575
  • Ann Gale & Reginald Jenkins – 29 June 1635

John A. Mullen and Mary Grant were married in their early twenties in Weymouth, Digby, NS. It is likely that they were married by the somewhat famous rebel preacher Enoch Towner. Enoch was of the Baptist persuasion (before the Baptist faith was given credibility) and fought against the self appointed supremacy of the Anglican Church. His main issue was the standard acceptance of marriage only being preformed by Anglican officials. Enoch chose to preform this exclusive sacrament on a young couple, Jacob Cornwell and Sarah Titus. The townspeople were horrified at the Baptist preachers presumption and pelted him with eggs and fish inards until he retreated to the outskirts of town. In 1800 an official complaint was made against him, with the Court of Marriage and Divorce, regarding his continual practise of marrying couples in love.  According to the Dictionary of Canadian Biography Online:

At length the court decided in Towner’s favour and, what was even more important, it categorically denied that the Church of England had been made the established church by an act of the Nova Scotia legislature. This decision was a significant landmark in the weakening of Church of England authority in Nova Scotia.

With all the controversy over Towner’s legitimacy regarding marriage, John and Mary must have had strong convictions and an adventurous heart to put their wedding vows in the hands of someone that some people thought was unworthy to represent the sacrament. It seems John and Mary held Enoch in great regard, for their youngest son is honoured with his name.

One hundred and fourty years and thirteen days after John married Mary, my grandparents Ewilda Elizabeth Beyea and Bruce Marshall Fisher were married (19 June 1945). Today, in honour of their 63rd anniversary I carefully, and with great reverence, unrolled a sheet that holds the wedding dress of my Gramma. It is a gift that my Dad and his four sisters have given to me… a gift of unmeasureable wealth and generosity. A gift that I will treasure, and aim to preserve, forever.

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