The final Anniversary posting on the day of my Anniversary!

December is here and snow is here. We’re on the eve of the storm of the week, about to hit at any moment, so in the calm before the storm I thought I’d take a moment and remember those who came before us.  Here are the following ancestors who were wed during the chilly but cozy month of Jesus’ birth:

  • Peter Levally & Elizabeth Yabsley: 3 December 1727
  • John Odell & Joan Bingley: 5 December 1603
  • John Yabsley & Susanna Andrews: 9 December 1703
  • Stephen Hurlburt & Phoebe Dickenson: 12 December 1678
  • Kevin Langille & Sarah Fisher: 19 December 1997
  • John Beyea & Lydia Mosher: 27 December 1846
  • Henry Burt & Eulalia March: 28 December1619

On the first day of the new year in 1847, the Saint John  newspaper, Weekly Chronicle, reported the following bit of news:

m. 27th inst., by Rev. Francis, John BEYEA / Miss Lydia MOSHER, both of Hampton parish (Kings Co.)

This little genealogical gem is solid proof of the marriage date of my great great great grandparents: 27th of December 1846. The  information of the name of the officiant is just an added bonus.

Newspapers are an extraordinary source of wealth to a genealogist. It not only lists  birth dates, marriage dates and death dates but may also give us snippets of character as well.  When Lydia passed away, 45 years after she married John, the May 21, 1892, Saint John Daily Telegraph reported the following:

Lydia L. BEYEA wife of John BEYEA died at Hampton (Kings Co.) 19th. It was unexpected to all her friends as she was smart and active within a few days of her death; but the grippe having set in with heart disease, carried her away very suddenly. Seven years ago she was baptized by Rev. E.K. Ganong and joined the first Hampton Baptist Church. The deceased leaves a husband, six children and a large number of grandchildren.

This is full of great information beyond a simple confirmation of dates. We learn that Lydia died unexpectedly and we learn the cause of her death. We learn about where she was when she died. We learn about her character (smart and active). We learn about an important event in her life (adult baptism) and the officiant who was there. We learn the name of her home church and that she has six surviving children and many descendants. We are told that her husband is still alive so we can confirm that he died after this date.

Lydia was 64 years old when she died. This is not confirmed by the newspaper but I do have her birthdate as 19 July 1827 (her tombstone lists her birth year).  Exactly 113 years after Lydia died (May 19th) my youngest daughter Bridget was born. Exactly 11 years ago tonight (December 19th) I married Bridget’s (and her older sister, Grace’s) Daddy, Kevin Peter Langille (born 26 February 1971).  A fitting day to submit the final post for the Year of Anniversaries!

God bless you all this holiest of seasons! “See” you in the New Year!

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