My Summer Genealogy Project

This summer I’m heading off to the Maritimes to continue to search for my long lost ancestors. I plan on visiting a few family Churches that I’ve visited before: Smithtown Baptist Church NB, St. Paul’s Church, Lakeside NB… as well as many new Churches (if I can find them), including:  New Tusket United Baptist Church NS, the Gavelton Meeting House NS, and what was once the United Baptist Church of Weaver Settlement, NS (no longer standing).

I’m particularily on the hunt for the cemetery stones of R. Henry Barr, Bethelda Hannah Gavel Barr, William Riley Barr, Jacob H. Gavel, Sarah Esther Hurlburt Gavel, John Gavel, Phoebe Hatfield Gavel, John A. Mullen & Mary Grant Mullen.

I will return to the blog in August hopefully full of wild and wonderful tales of our genealogical adventure… and, I’m hoping, a few new pictures of the resting places of my ancestors.

Happy summer, one and all!


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  1. Hi Sarah

    We have some of the same ancestors ( Curries, Dykeman, Vermillyes) and I was delighted to find your stories and pictures. I want to copy them to my records but dont know how to do it and give you credit. I found your site by googling and nothing sems to tell me who did this work. Any advice? By the way I grew up in New brunswick and while I knew a bit about these folks, you have added a lot of detail. Thank you

  2. Thank you, Bev, for considering my work in regards to adding to your records. I have seen my work copied online without a nod in my direction. If you are adding any of this work to your records, please add: “written by” or “compiled by” Sarah E. Fisher… I would really appreciate that!

    • Thanks Sarah

      Thats easy and I give credit gladly. Cant understand why others dont. Its the least one can do when another has shared theresults of their hard work.


  3. Hi Sarah .. I too came across this page by googling it and would love to find out what information and or photos you may have. I am a descendant of Titus Hurlburt and the family crosses paths many times with the Gavels. My Great Grandfather Guy E. Hurlbert married Lydia J. Gavel. There are some spelling changes with the Hurlbert name .. not sure when, but you can see the “urt” changed to “ert”.

    Anyway if you or anyone else feels like contacting me that would be great. My direct email is I currently live in New Hampshire, USA

  4. Hi Sarah,

    I was very excited when my wife stumbeled on your site this morning (2/5/10). I have often wondered where exactly my ancestors originated and your site definitely helped me start the process. My grand father was James Murray Gavel, the one who organzed the Gavel Reunion roughly 22 years ago. I am very interested in any and all information you have on the Gavel’s and where they originated. My direct email is Thanks again for all your work.

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