Loyalists: Manzer Family of New Brunswick

Barnet Manzer was born in Duchess County New York in 1749.

He married Mary Ann Lester on the 25th of January 1776 at the Dutch Reformed Church in Albany, NY. Just over a year later their first child, Dorcas, was born.

When little Dorcas was only 15 months old, Barnet joined the (Loyalist) DeLancey’s Brigade, 2nd Battalion, which was formed for protecting Long Island, NY.  Also enlisted were Christopher Manzer, Martin Manzer, Daniel Manzer, and John Manzer (possilby Barnet’s brothers or cousins). Eventually Barnet was promoted to Sargeant and served under G.G. Ludlow. When the war turned it’s advantage to the American’s, Barnet remained faithful to Britain and left as a Loyalist.

Loyalists Barnet, Mary Ann & Dorcas first settled in the Saint John, NB, area. They were given 4 acres of what is now know as Waterloo & Golding St. Over the years they moved to Gagetown (where Mary Ann was baptised as an adult) and then to Waterborough, and finally to Briggs Corners, near Chipman NB.

Barnet lived to a wise old age. From the document Old Revolutionary Soldiers and their Widow’s Pension (dated 8 February 1843) Barnet, Queens Co. resident, is listed as age 94 and the year he first received relief is listed as 1839. This is the last time Barnet’s name shows up in a primary source. He therefore died sometime after 8 February 1843. I have been unable to find the date of death for Mary Ann, but it is likely long before her husband passed away in his 90’s.

Their daughter Dorcas, my great5 Grandmother, was their only child born in America. When she came to Canada as a Loyalist she was 6 years old. After they would settle in New Brunswick many more siblings would come, but the experience of leaving one country and traveling by boat to a new land was shared with Dorcas and her parents alone.

Dorcas would pass on the Manzer name to her son, Barnet Manzer Dykeman. He would pass on the Manzer name to his daughter, Dorcas Manzer Dykeman. Dorcas Manzer Dykeman’s daughter, Phoebe Sophia Smith (my Great Great Grandmother), must have passed on the love of her mother and her pride in the Manzer name because Phoebe’s first grandchild was named Manzer Eldon Nichols. He was born on 18 May 1903 and he was my Grandmother’s cousin.

The Manzer named traveled down the female line from 1777-1903… that’s a legacy and is a testament to the strength and notoriety of a great family!

Cemetery Marker for Dorcas Manzer at Lower Jemseg, Queens Co., NB

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