I’m Spending My Christmas Money on Death Certificates

It’s a new year… with new goals… and I’m adding a few lofty ones to  my to-do list this year. I’m working on becoming a Certified Genealogist, which appears to be a rather time consuming endeavor… but I’m looking forward to the challenge. I’m also hoping that this is the year that my elusive and mysterious great great great grandmother, Lydia Mosher Beyea, will finally reveal to me her parentage.

I have ordered Lydia’s death certificate from the New Brunswick Archives. Please, dear God, let it list her parents names!

I shall keep you posted!

I shall also promise to Post you, should you have any queries for me! I spent most of this evening replying to your questions over the past year. I still have some responses to send out, in case you are still waiting.

2010 was a busy year… and my poor blog suffered for it. We sold our home in Guelph ON and moved to the very lovely village of Alma ON. Between selling and buying and moving things got left behind… not our children or possessions (Thank God!), just my genealogy work (my third child really!).

I certainly plan to make up for it in 2011! I’ve done more GenWork in the first 11 days of January than I did in the entire summer of 2010!

In total I’ve ordered four Death Certificates with the Christmas money I received from my In-Laws. Their faces were priceless when I told them I was getting Death Certificates with their Christmas money. I don’t think they share my enthusiasm… although they have always been very supportive (even if, deep down, they think I’m wack-a-doodle)!

Cheers to a New Year!

Keep those questions coming!


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